The Lion and the Panther

Kriloff’s Original Fables
Once in the days of old, A lengthened war between a Lion and Panther bold
Raged for the woods, and dales, and caves which they
To yield to others’ rights ne’er entered either’s mind
The powerful of earth are oft reputed
To be to all rights blind. They follow out their law of might
The one that conquers, he is in the right.
Our heroes, though, could not for ever fight

They’d blunt their claws : So they resolved to leave their quarrel to the laws
To put an end to war and strife, And then, as is the use, make peace for ever

Till the first wrangle them did sever. ” Sooner to have a quiet life,
Let each of us an arbitrator name,”
The Panther said, ” and as they two decide,
So be all without blame. The cat I do appoint upon my side
Not showy he, but with a conscience clear
Thy cause unto the ass entrust ; his rank is high,
And, if to speak out I’m permitted, I Know not another beast of such engaging cheer ! Believe me as thy friend : thy Court and Council both
Thou’lt soon be nothing loth To change against a hoof of his ; nor fear But what he with my cat decrees
Will be what best ourselves shall please.”
The Lion what the Panther said confirmed,
Without an angry word
Only the fox he, not the ass, affirmed Should in his cause be heard,
Low muttering to himself (the world he seemed to know)
” Small profit found in those praised highly by a foe.”
[Kenevitch supposes that Kriloff here alludes to a con- temporary diplomatic appointment, but can find no ground
for giving any name or particular circumstance.]

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