The Last Three Wishes of Alexander the Great

Just before he died, Alexander convened his generals and told them his last
three wishes:
First is that his coffin SHOULD BE carried on the shoulders and transported by
the best doctors of the time.
Second is that the treasures he had conquered (silver, gold, precious stones, etc)
should be scattered on the path to the grave site, and
Third is that his hands should be dangling in the air, outside of the coffin,
and in view of all.
One of his generals, astonished by these quite unusual desires, asked
Alexander about his reasons. Alexander explained to him..
In my first wish I want the most eminent doctors from the land to load my coffin to show
that they did not have the power to heal in the face of death.
In second I want the ground to be covered by my treasures for all to see that
material goods conquered here, cannot be taken, so, also remain here.
And in third I want my hands to be swaying in the wind, so that people can see that
just as we came here with empty hands, we leave too with empty hands, when
we are ending the most valuable treasure, which is our time.

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