The King's Advisor

A King went out to sea when a great storm arose. One of his attendants on board began to cry out and wail in fear, for the man had never been on a ship before.
His crying was so loud and so prolonged that everyone on board began to annoy and the angry King gave orders for throwing the man overboard.
But his wise chief advisor said, “No, let me deal with the man. I think I can cure him.”
With that he ordered some of the sailors to hurl the man into the sea.
The moment man found himself in the sea he began to scream in terror and to thrash out wildly.
In a few seconds chief advisor ordered him to be hauled on board.
Back on board the attendant lay in a corner in absolute silence.
When the King heard this and asked his advisor for the reason, chief advisor replied, “We never realize how lucky we are till our situation gets worse.”

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