The King Nanda And The Vararuchi

Once upon a time, there lived a king, by the name of Nanda.

He was very brave. His fame spread far and wide. Many kings of the neighbouring kingdom bowed before him.

The king had a minister called Vararuchi. He was an expert in politics and a scholar of Sanskrit.

Once Vararuchi’s wife became very angry with her husband. As Vararuchi loved his wife very much, he said to her, “Darling, what is it that makes you so angry? I’m ready do anything to make you happy.”

“Then get your head shaved and fall at my feet, if you really wish to make me happy,” said his wife flippantly.

Vararuchi did exactly as desired by his wife. His wife became happy and normalcy was restored in their life.

One day, king Nanda’s wife also became angry with her husband. She refused to talk to the king.

King Nanda also loved his wife very much. “Darling!” he said to his queen, “Tell me what is it that I can do to make you happy?”

“Well,” replied the queen, “I’ll put reins on your mouth, ride you like a horse. You must also neigh.”

The king did exactly as desired by the queen. The queen also became happy and things became normal.

The next day, the king was sitting in his court. .His minister Vararuchi came to him. The king looked at Vararuchi and laughed at him, “Vararuchi ! why’ve you shaved your head all of a sudden? What’s the reason?”

Vararuchi replied, “Your Majesty, I’ve shaved off my head for the same reason for which you neighed like a horse yesterday.”

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The king simply simpered. He could not utter a word.

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