The Jay In The Feathers of the Peacock By Jean de La Fontaine’s Fables

A peacock moulted: soon a jay was seen
Bedecked with Argus tail of gold and green,
High strutting, with elated crest,
As much a peacock as the rest.
His trick was recognized and bruited,
His person jeered at, hissed, and hooted.
The peacock gentry flocked together,
And plucked the fool of every feather.
Nay more, when back he sneaked to join his race,
They shut their portals in his face.

There is another sort of jay,
The number of its legs the same,
Which makes of borrowed plumes display,
And plagiary is its name.
But hush! the tribe I’ll not offend;
It’s not my work their ways to mend.


The Jay In The Feathers of the Peacock by Jean de La Fontaine in Book 4

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