The Interview

A group of applicants was waiting to be interviewed for a job as wireless operator.
But they were talking so loudly that they paid no attention to the sound which began coming out of the loudspeaker.
A man, sitting quietly by himself, suddenly jumped up and walked into the private office.
He came out a few minutes later, smiling.
“Say,” one of the group called out. “How’d you get in ahead of us? We were here first.”
“It’s your own fault. Anyone of you could have the job,” he replied, “if you’d listened to the message over loudspeaker.”
“What message?” they asked in surprise.
“Why, the code – dots and dashes sound coming out of loudspeaker,” he answered. “It said: ‘The man I need must always be on alert. The first man who gets the message and comes directly into my private office will be placed on one of my ships as wireless operator.’ ”
Each day we are showered with countless opportunities to help ourselves and others. We are expected to be on the alert and attentive as no one won’t force us and we are to act on our own.

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