The Hare at the Hunt – Jataka Tales

Kriloff’s Original Fables
Assembled in one mighty band,
The beasts resolved to clear the land
Of bears, and slew them all in one long battle.
After the rout and rattle,
It came to choosing each his share,
And each got something. In their midst a Hare
Was striving by the ear to drag a bear. ” Halt there, thou squinting dunce ! Who sent thee here ? Be off with thee at once ! What did thy help through all the chase avail ? ”
“What, brothers !'” went the Hare’s reply,
: Whom did the bush, then, hide ? Who made the bear
turn tail And run into your arms, if ’twas not I ? ”
It seemed rare fun such boasting lies to hear,
And was rewarded with a bit of Bruin’s ear.
We laugh at boasters, but to share in what
They’ve nothing done to gain is oft their lot. — —
[The last two lines are now quoted in the collections of Russian proverbs.]

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