The Hare and the Herdsman

The New Fables—attributed to Phædrus
Many are kind in words, faithless at heart.
A Hare was flying from the Huntsman with speedy foot, and being seen by a Herdsman, as she was creeping into a thicket: “By the Gods of heaven, I beg of you,” said she, “and by all your hopes, do not betray me, Herdsman; I have never done any injury to this field.” “Don’t be afraid,” the Countryman replied, “remain concealed without apprehension.” And now the Huntsman coming up, enquired: “Pray, Herdsman, has a Hare come this way?” “She did come, but went off that way to the left;” he answered, winking and nodding to the right. The Huntsman in his haste did not understand him, and hurried out of sight.
Then said the Herdsman: “Are you not glad that I concealed you?” “I don’t deny,” said she, “that to your tongue I owe most sincere thanks, and I return them, but I wish you may be deprived of your perfidious eyes.”

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