The Girl and the Dragon

There was a little village near a mountain. The village was beautiful. It has fountains and paddy’s and parks. There are two rivers was flowing through the village so the villagers were happy.
One day a wound dragon came to the mountain. It took all the waters of the two rivers. So, the village gets in to running.
One day a girl decided to meet the dragon when she met the dragon she asked “why are you took all the water? The people are dying. This is not a good manner“. The dragon replied “if anyone take care of me, if any friend I have, if any one loves me, I will give all back.” The girl returned home silently.
Her parents were scold. But she told boldly that she is going to take care of the dragon. Everybody thought that the dragon will eat her. But eventually the agreed to the decision of her.
After two days she went up to the mountain, and met the dragon. The dragon was surprise. The dragon told that she would not come again.

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But she replied ”you are my friend, who can stop me to meet my friend?.” After heard this the dragon took her on his back an fly for a long time.
And dropped her at his come when the dragon flew from the mountain everything became alright.
The Girl and the Dragon – Kids Stories

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