The Funeral

Kriloff’s Original Fables
In Egypt, in the days of old, a custom reigned,
Whene’er they buried any one in state, That hired howlers at the tomb their voices strained. At one such funeral, the man was rich and great,
A mob of these same howling weepers went
To carry the deceased too, early sent
Off to the home where dwell the blest, Unto his rest. A passing pilgrim, thinking that the noises blent Came from the man’s relation plunged in woe,
Said : ” Tell me, friends, would you not all be glad,
If him you’ve lost alive you had ? A Magian I ; thus far my power can go
And charms I have about me for the task

The dead man now shall rise !

” father,” shouted they, “then gladden our poor eyes ! And of thee we but one more favour ask,
That, when five days are by,
Again he die. No earthly use in him alive was ever known,
Nor would there in the future be ; But, if he die again, then we
Again are certain to be paid to howl and groan.”
There many rich men are, whose deaths alone Them of the slightest use have shown.

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