The Frog That Wished to Be As Big As the Ox

The tenant of a bog,
An envious little frog,
Not bigger than an egg,
A stately bullock spies,
And, smitten with his size,
Attempts to be as big.

With earnestness and pains,
She stretches, swells, and strains,
And says, “Sister Frog, look here! see me!
Is this enough?” “No, no.”
“Well, then, is this?” “Poh! poh!
Enough! you don’t begin to be.”

And thus the reptile sits,
Enlarging till she splits.
The world is full of folks
Of just such wisdom;—
The lordly dome provokes
The cit to build his dome;
And, really, there is no telling
How much great men set little ones a-swelling.

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