The Fox and the Raven

The Fables of Phædrus
He who is delighted at being flattered with artful words, generally pays the ignominious penalty of a late repentance.
As a Raven, perched in a lofty tree, was about to eat a piece of cheese, stolen from a window, a Fox espied him, and thereupon began thus to speak: “O Raven, what a glossiness there is upon those feathers of yours! What grace you carry in your shape and air! If you had a voice, no bird whatever would be superior to you.” On this, the other, while, in his folly, attempting to show off his voice, let fall the cheese from his mouth, which the crafty Fox with greedy teeth instantly snatched up. Then, too late, the Raven, thus, in his stupidity overreached, heaved a bitter sigh.
By this story it is shown, how much ingenuity avails, and how wisdom is always an overmatch for strength.