The Flint and the Diamond

Kriloff’s Original Fables
A Diamond, lost, was lying on the ground,
And him by chance a passing merchant found. The latter to the king
The precious stone did bring
‘Twas bought, and, duly set in gold,
Upon the royal crown its rightful place to hold. To hear of this a Flintstone did disquiet,
His fancy o’er the Diamond’s fate ran riot,
And thus he spoke, to a peasant who came by : ” Oh, cast on me a pitying eye, Take me with thee the capital to see ! Why in the mud and rain should I here lie, And our good friend the Diamond in honour be ? For me I cannot think to what he owes his state, So many years that he with me in dirt did wait
Just such a stone as I, born brother unto me ! Pick me, then, up ! who knows ? When I too there am
That I am also fit for something men may own.”
The Peasant put the Flint upon his heavy load,
And with him to the town he rode. Rejoiced our Flintstone was, and thought that he beside The Diamond soon would sit in equal pride ; But, as it turned out, he a different chance did meet
True, he was made of use, but ’twas to pave the street.

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