The Father’s Virtues

Once upon a time there was a man who praised his father’s virtues before everybody.

“My father is compassionate. He neither kills nor steals. He speaks earnestly and gives alms,” said the man.

At the time, it so happened that a stupid man heard those words and declared, “My father is more virtuous than yours.”

The others asked, “In what way he is more virtuous’! Please tell us about him.”

The man answered, “Undefiled as my father was, he gave up completely his sexual desires when he was young”.

The others said, “If your father had done so, how could he have brought you into the world?” This aroused the sardonical laugh from all those around him.

There are those ignorant people in the world who want to extol the merits of others without
knowing how to be realistic and get ridiculed instead. These people are just like that stupid
man who wanted to praise his father but turned out to speak fatuously.

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