The Father of a Family and Æsop

The New Fables—attributed to Phædrus
How a bad-tempered Son may be tamed.
A Father of a family had a passionate Son, who, as soon as he had got out of his fathers sight, inflicted many a blow upon the servants, and gave loose to the impetuous temper of youth. Æsop consequently told this short story to the old man.
A certain Man was yoking an old Ox along with a Calf; and when the Ox shunning to bear the yoke with a neck so unfit for it, alleged the failing strength of his years: “You have no reason to fear,” said the Countryman, “I don’t do this that you may labour, but that you may tame him, who with his heels and horns has made many lame.” Just so, unless you always keep your son by you, and by your management restrain his temper, take care that the broils in your house don’t increase to a still greater degree. Gentleness is the remedy for a bad temper.

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