The Dog In A Foreign Country

Long, long ago, in a town, there lived a dog by the name of Chitranga. Once there was a famine in the country. Due to lack of food the animals began to starve and die.

Chitranga too began to starve. So he went to a foreign country for food and water.

Reaching the foreign country, Chitranga began to wander in search of food. At one place because of the negligence of the lady house hoIder the door of a house was left without being locked properly.

Chitranga got into the house and fed himself on various kinds of delicious food. This became his daily routine. But, after he would come out of the house, the other dogs on the street would chase him and bite him all over his body.

Chitranga became very sad. He thought to himself: “It’s better that I return to my own country and live in peace, in spite of the famine.”

So, Chitranga decided to return to his own country. When Chitranga arrived in his country, his friends and relatives surrounded him with curiosity and asked him many questions relating to his foreign travel.

Then Chitranga said, “In foreign countries the housewives are in a habit of leaving the doors of their houses open. One can enter the house freely and eat a lot of food in the kitchen.

But there is one disadvantage; your own relatives and friends bite you to death.”

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