The Dog and the Horse

Kriloff’s Original Fables
A Dog and Horse had long a peasant served Together, when one day dispute arose

Which of the two had most of him deserved. ” Cease, upstart,” says the Dog, ” to twist that nose, And toss that mane of thine ! Were the power mine,
I’d have thee driven from the yard with blows. A wondrous thing, forsooth, to drag and plough ,!
Yet, hast thou nothing else to boast of, thou ! How canst thou, then, with me in aught compare ? Nor day nor night to take repose I dare
All day I guard upon the mead the sheep ; All night the house in safety keep.”
” Thou dost, ’tis true,” the Horse replied, ” And yet it cannot be denied
That, if I had not dragged the plough,
Thou wouldst have nothing left to watch o’er now.”

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