The Cur and the Mastiff

Moral: No Moral. Suggest us a moral of this fable in comment section.
A sneaking cur caused much disaster
By pandering scandal for his master.
The hound was beaten, mastiff chidden,
Puss in disgrace, and pug forbidden.
Each of his dearest chum grew shy.
And none could tell a reason why.
Burglars to rob the house laid wait.
Betty in love, undid the gate;
The cur was won by dint of meat;
Remained the mastiff dog to cheat.
The mastiff dog refused the bribe,
And tore the hand of one beside.
The cur off with the tidings ran,
And told how he had bit a man.
The master said: “Hanged he shall be!”
They dragged poor Trusty to the tree:
He met his master, and averred
That he had been condemned unheard.
His lord then sat to hear the trial:
The mastiff pleaded his denial;
The cur then, special pleading, stated
The case—unduly aggravated.
When evidence on either side
Concluded was, the dog replied,
And ended with this peroration:
“Trust not to curs of basest station,
With itching palms—a plot is laid,
And man and master are betrayed.”
The mastiff had with truth harangued:
The truth appeared; the cur was hanged.

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