The Cuckoo and the Eagle

Kriloff’s Original Fables
The Eagle to a Cuckoo gave the rank
Which nightingales enjoy.
The Cuckoo, thus made great,
Sitting upon an ash in state, In music, majesty to thank,
Her talent did employ
She sings—and all fly ofF, Some roundly her abuse, and at her others scoff. Our Cuckoo was much grieved,
And ‘gainst the birds with plaint unto the Eagle
” Can it, Great Sire, be believed That, when from thee I have received The right, to bear throughout the woods the name And rank of nightingale, within the same
They dare to mock my song ! ”
” Good friend ! ” replies the Eagle, ” I king am, and not God,
To free thee from thy woes to me doth not belong
A Cuckoo as a nightingale to honour and obey
I can oblige, but, if the power hath my nod
A nightingale to make out of a Cuckoo, say !”

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