The Colored Fairy Books by Andrew Lang

The Complete Coloured Fairy Books: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Violet, Crimson, Brown, Orange, Olive, Lilac, Rose Fairy Book – Hundreds of Beautifull Fairy Tales – Little Red Riding Hood, Snowhite, Beauty and the Beast and Many Many More by Andrew Lang.

Andrew Lang’s coloured Fairy Books constitute a twelve-volume series of fairy tale collections. Although Lang didn’t collect the stories from the oral tradition himself, he can make claim to the first English translation of many, which are often cited as inspiration to J.R. Tolken and his Middle-Earth novels.

The Blue Fairy Book (1889)

The Red Fairy Book (1890)

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The Green Fairy Book (1892)

The Yellow Fairy Book (1894)

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The Pink Fairy Book (1897)

The Grey Fairy Book (1900)

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The Violet Fairy Book (1901)

The Crimson Fairy Book (1903)

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The Brown Fairy Book (1904)

The Orange Fairy Book (1906)

The Olive Fairy Book (1907)

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The Lilac Fairy Book (1910)