The Cloud

Kriloff’s Original Fables
Over a region long by heat half roasted,
A large black Cloud pursued its flight
No drop did from it on the land alight,
Its torrents on the sea spent all their might
And then, unto a hill of generosity it boasted :
” What good hast thou e’er done,
Thou generous one ? ” Unto it- said the hill
” To look at thee it makes one ill
If thou the fields with rain had striven to fill, A starving country thou hadst saved, instead of talking
stuff; Of water in the sea, my friend, without thee there’s enough.”
[This fable, taken in connection with “The Goodnatured Snake” and “The Doe and the Dervis,” seems
to complete the view of what charity ought to be. No
particular circumstances can now be found to which it might be referred.]

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