The Chest – Jataka Tales

Kriloff’s Original Fables
It often happens that our brains We rack, and take most wondrous pains
When we need only try a guess, And use the simplest means to win success.
A new-made Chest was home to the buyer brought,
And each that saw it cried, ” A work of finished neatness !

No one couldpraise enough its strength and its completeness. Into the room a knowing locksmith came
He gave it but a thought,
And swore it was a Chest made with a secret spring
” Just so, no lock ; I’ll open it all the same :
I think I ought to know this sort of thing ! Ah ! you may smile and doubt,
But in a trice I’ll find the secret out.” With that the Chest in hand he takes,
And turns it o’er from side to side,
Till arm, and head, and body aches
With nails and what not is the welding tried.

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