The Bond of Treading the Same Path

Our paths came together without strings attached,
The two of us dwell in the here and now.
Colourful moments grounded in reality
Fill our hearts with rosette hued experience,
The monsoon clouds fly like the veil of the dancing horizons –
Our minds brightly glow with flashes of sudden insights.
We have neither a garden of golden champa trees
Nor a grove full of bokul trees.
The scent of a nameless flower
Suddenly floats up in the evening breeze –
Rhododendron flowers, uncared for in the morning sun
Stand out atop the branches bursting with limitless pride.
We have no accumulated wealth,
Nor are we pampered at home.
We don’t put into the bondage of a cage
The bird that hops along the roadside –
We are content to listen to its song as it flies away
We glow with sudden flashes of insights of thoughts unthought till now.

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