The Boiled Black Rock

Once upon a time, a man was boiling black rock-honey syrup, when a rich man came to his house. He thought he would give the syrup to the rich man. He poured a little water into it and put it on a slow fire. He then fanned it with a fan in the hope of cooling it.

A bystander addressed to him, “If you don’t put out the fire below, how can you cool it even though you keep on fanning?”

People began to laugh at him.

This is like the heretics who will practice a little mortification by sleeping on thorny
brambles without putting out the flames of annoyance. As the five passions are still blazing
within them, there is no way for such people to become cool and quiet. As a result, they
sardonically laughed at by the wise. Moreover, they will suffer affliction in their present lives
and transmigration in the future.