The Black Out

Two months ago I found my father laying dead on his bathroom floor. When the police arrived they found what they believed to be the murder weapon. The screw driver was laying on the counter, the same one I gave my father for Christmas two years ago. The investigation didn’t go any further because they couldn’t find anymore evidence and claimed it as a suicide. I knew this couldn’t be true because my father was too happy of a man to take his own life.
I was already depressed after losing my husband, Sam, and although I couldn’t help Sam because he was hit by a student driver I felt like I could help my father. I vowed to myself I would find my father’s killer. I had tried to find the answers on my own but came up short and that’s when my mother recommended to hire a private investigator. I ended up hiring Adam Jones because he has been in the business for many years and promised to find the murderer. After a month of searching and analyzing the police reports he was able to put all the pieces together.
Adam’s findings almost made me laugh, it seemed too surreal to be true. However, when I look back I can almost see how it might have happened. I had been drinking every night to ease the pain of losing Sam. It felt easier to black out then to deal with everything happening in my life. Every night when I blacked out I would lose control of myself and wouldn’t remember anything that happened during my black outs by the time I woke up. Adam said my fingerprints were on the screw driver and the police must have not done a complete search on the prints.
I didn’t mean to black out, I didn’t mean to harm my father, but now I am having to live with my mistake. The judge says I have life in solitary confinement and honestly, I cannot argue with my sentence because I would have given it to myself as well. I’ve now lost the most important people in my life and my freedom all because I couldn’t get past my depression.

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