The Birds and the Swallow

The authors of which are not known
The Birds having assembled in one spot, saw a Man sowing flax in a field. When the Swallow found that they thought nothing at all of this, she is reported to have called them together, and thus addressed them: “Danger awaits us all from this, if the seed should come to maturity.” The Birds laughed at her. When the crop, however, sprang up, the Swallow again remarked: “Our destruction is impending; come, let us root up the noxious blades, lest, if they shortly grow up, nets may be made thereof, and we may be taken by the contrivances of man.” The Birds persist in laughing at the words of the Swallow, and foolishly despise this most prudent advice. But she, in her caution, at once betook herself to Man, that she might suspend her nest in safety under his rafters. The Birds, however, who had disregarded her wholesome advice, being caught in nets made of the flax, came to an untimely end.

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