The Bigger Picture

Once upon a time, there lived four blind men in a small village. The four blind men always spent time with each other. One day, as they were walking through the village, they heard a lot of noise. Walking in the direction of the noise, they came across a huge animal. None of the four blind men knew what they had bumped into! As you know, blind people use their other four senses to understand what they cannot see. So they began to touch the animal.
One of the blind men felt the trunk of the animal and described the creature to be like a thick rod. Another blind man stroked the animal’s tail. “No, it is a rope!” he exclaimed.
The third blind man who touched the animal’s ear remarked, “No! You both are wrong! This is just a huge dustpan!” The last blind man got hold of the animal’s leg. “No, no, no!” he argued, “This is a giant pillar.”
With the limited idea they had, all the four blind men were right, but only partially. They all gave a good description of the various parts of the elephant, without even knowing it was an elephant! They all had some idea, but did not have the whole picture.

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Moral: Just like the blind men, we also make decisions without knowing the facts. For example, we may decide that someone is not nice after meeting him only once. Then after we get to know him, we discover that we were wrong and that the person is actually quite nice. Before we continue making such mistakes, we should always try to know the whole picture.
The Bigger Picture – Kids Moral Stories

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