The Beaver

The New Fables—attributed to Phædrus
Many would escape, if for the sake of safety they would disregard their comforts.
The Beaver (to which the talkative Greeks have given the name of Castor, thus bestowing upon an animal the name of a God—they who boast of the abundance of their epithets) when can no longer escape the dogs, is said to bite off his testicles, because he is aware that it is for them he is sought; a thing which I would not deny being done through an instinct granted by the Gods; for as soon as the Huntsman has found the drug, he ceases his pursuit, and calls off the dogs.
If men could manage, so as to be ready to part with what they own, in order to live in safety for the future, there would be no one to devise stratagems to the detriment of the naked body.

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