The Ape and the Spectacles

Kriloff’s Original Fables
An Ape in old age suffered much from blindness,
But being told, through human kindness,
That such a weakness need not long endure,
A pair of spectacles the cure, He went at once and bought a dozen pair.
The Ape the Spectacles turns o’er and o’er, His forehead’s hot with them, his tail quite sore
He smells at them, and licks them round with care
And still the Spectacles are useless quite. ” Confound them,” quoth the Ape, ” and every fool That listens to the lies of human spite : I’m cheated like a boy at school,
For spectacles set no eyes right.”
Thus saying, on the nearest stone he dashed them,
And into sparkling splinters smashed them.
The same thing happens not to apes alone : Where they should profit by the thing they own, The ignorant to loss will always turn it
And worse with fools who for their rank are known,
They will not only spoil the thing, but spurn it.

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