Talent Hunt

A man brought a rabbit, a frog and a chicken to a talent agent’s office.
As the agent watched with disinterest, the frog drank from a glass of water while the rabbit danced around the chicken and performed somersaults.
Just as the agent was about to toss the man and his animals out the door, the rabbit took a bow and said, “Thank you and good night!”
“That’s incredible!” said the agent. “The hare is hired.”
“But what about the frog?” said the man.
“The frog has no talent, I want the rabbit,” replied the agent.
“But the chicken?” said the man.
“No, chicken, I want the rabbit!” the agent insisted.
The next week the agent got the rabbit on a spot on a TV variety show. When it was introduced, the rabbit hopped on the stage, cleared its throat, and then quietly walked off.
“What happened?” said the agent to the owner. “The rabbit did not talk!”
“Talk?” said the owner. “The rabbit does not talk.”
“But last week in my office I heard it talking.”
“I tried to tell you.”
“Tell me what?”
“About the chicken. He is a ventriloquist.”

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