The Story of VENUS God

Om himakundha mrinalaabham daityanaam paramam gurum sarva shastra pravakthaaram bhargavam pranamaam yaham
Shukra’s Bija Mantra
The Bija mantra is most powerful and potent, ensure physical and mental cleanup and purity before chanting this mantra.
Om dhraam dhreem dhroum saha shukraaya namaha
About Shukra:
Shukra (VENUS) is known as God of Love. In sanskrit Shukra means Semen, hence, he is the lord of love and sensuality. According to western mythology, Shukra is known as a morning star or shooting star. Venus can be seen by our naked eye during the times of sunrise and sunset, but, not always.
Shukra is known as the acharya of the demigods (Asuras or demons), he sits on a white lotus, influences one to excel in fine arts and medicine. He is responsible for happiness in one’s marital life, presides over marriage, invention, creativity, fine arts and astrology. He is said to hail from Bhargava gotra and his father Sage Bhrigu is one of the eighteen sages who invented astrology.
Shukra’s influence makes a person charming, attractive, sensuous and lotus-eyed personality, witty, tactful and a bit slow.
The Story of VENUS God
Lord Brahma began creating the universe, as he created seven rishis (sages), he instructed them to aid him in his creation by engaging in procreation. The seven rishis are Vashishta, Marichi, Pulastya, Pulaha, Atri, Angiras and Kratu.

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Scriptures state that Lord Brahma created Sage Bhrigu as a Manasa putra, created by the power of his mind, to aid him in procreation. Sage Bhrigu married Sage Daksha’s daughter Kayathi and they got a son whom they named Shukra. Shukra grew up under the tutelage of Sage Gauthama and mastered all the vedas and shastras.
There were constant fights that ensued between the Devas and the Asuras (Demons). The Devas, having consumed Divine Nectar (Amrit), after the great churn of the ocean (Sagar Mahamanthan) are now immortal, the demons were losing their life in the war. So, the demons sought the guidance of Shukra and requested him to be their Guru. Shukra became their Guru (Acharya) and came to be known as Daitya Guru (meaning Guru of the Demons). Even with Shukracharya’s guidance, the demons faced defeat at the hands of the gods.
So, Shukracharya left to the forests and performed severe penance and meditated upon Lord Shiva for several years. Brihaspathi learned through his divine powers that Shukracharya is trying to appease Lord Shiva, to receive boons in his favor and thought of a plan to stop this penance.

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Brihaspathi called upon Indra and asked him to send his daughter Jayanthi to disturb Shukracharya’s penance and induce lust in his mind, so that Shukracharya falls for Jayanthi and indulges in marital life, which will break the penance. Indra summoned Jayanthi and told her to do her best to stop the penance. Jayanthi left the heavens to join Shukracharya as his disciple and performed all her duties sincerely as his disciple and lived with him on earth and several years passed.
One day Indra came to meet Jayanthi and reminded that she has not started the task for which she was sent to earth from the heavens, for which, Jayanthi told Indra that she needs to win the confidence and trust of her guru, Shukracharya, at first and then she can begin working on her task. Indra felt happy about his daughter’s wit and left to heavens with an assured feeling that jayanthi will accomplish her task in due course of time.
Time went by, every day Jayanthi arduously performed her duties and Shukracharya kept performing his penance uninterrupted. His penance bore fruits and Lord Shiva appeared before Shukracharya and offered to grant him boons. shukracharya said that the only purpose for which he performed such severe penance was to obtain the knowledge of the Mrita Sanjivini Mantra. Lord shiva said the purpose of the Mrita Sanjivini mantra is to raise the dead back to life again. This mantra should be used as a general service to the society and not for an individual or specific purpose. Every living being has to go through the cycle of birth and death and this is the nature’s divine principle and this cannot be changed.

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Shukracharya insisted the Lord that his only purpose of the penance was to obtain the mantra siddhi (fulfillment) and nothing else. Lord Shiva, having said that he is willing to offer boons, now decided to impart this knowledge to Shukracharya with one condition. When Shukracharya instructs (upadesh) this knowledge of the mantra (hymn) to another learned man, then Shukracharya would lose the power of fulfillment of the mantra and then blessed him with a significant planetary position in the Navagraha mandala.
Shukracharya felt very happy, having accomplished his goals, sent a message to the demon headquarters that he is arriving shortly and began his preparations to depart. Jayanthi implored to Shukracharya the truth about her purpose on earth, to which Shukracharya said that he already learned through his divine powers why she is with him and also said that she had been a very sincere disciple and never interrupted his penance. Jayanthi said that eventhough she came with those intentions in her mind, after seeing and being with shukracharya, she felt transformed and performed her duties sincerely, but, now, she has to go back to her father Lord Indra’s abode and has to face his wrath. So, saying, jayanthi pleaded with Shukracharya to help her from this situation. Shukracharya offered her boons to which Jayanthi asked him to marry him and lead a married life with him for atleast ten years and not return to the demon kingdom during this period, so that her father will feel satisfied that jayanthi atleast performed her duties for her father partially. Shukracharya agreed and stayed back in the ashram with jayanthi, married her and led a life of a Grahasthan (married man).

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Brihaspathi learned about this move through his divine powers and disguised himself as Shukracharya and went to the demon kingdom. The demons were thrilled to see their guru and thought that he has returned after penance and now possesses great divine powers and their victories are now guaranteed against the fights with Devas. So, the demons offered due respects to their disguised guru and simply listened to whatever guru told them. Brihaspathi in the disguise of Shukracharya kept preaching the demons that the Devas have divine powers blessed by the trinities (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) and they should be worshipped, so the demons will receive their blessings and celestial weapons as boons granted by Devas. Thus, peace reigned for ten years, as the demons now worshipped the Devas.
Jayanthi gave birth to a beautiful girl and the couple named her as Devyaani. The ten years completed and Jayanthi implored Shukracharya to take care of their daughter and give her all the love, rights and knowledge and then left to the heavens. Shukracharya went to the demon kingdom and was surprised to see another Shukracharya in the demons court. He realized through his divine powers that it is none other than Deva Guru Brihaspathi himself in the guise of Shukracharya. He told the demons that though he sent them a message that he is returning after the penance, it was his mistake that he did not send them another message about his change of plans and that he remained in the forests for ten years and he now has a daughter Devyaani. The demons did not believe this, and said that their guru is with them always and someone coming with a daughter and claiming to be their real guru is not true. Shukracharya made some efforts to make the demons understand, but, in vain, and finally cursed the demons that they lose their battle with the Devas.

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Brihaspathi felt satisfied that his mission is accomplished, Jayanthi kept Shukracharya in bay for ten years and now Shukracharya’s curse would automatically bring defeat to the demons, so, the Devaguru now left the demon kingdom. Shukracharya narrated all the incidents to the demons, he explained how in his absence he had asked his parents, father Bhrigu and mother Kayathi to guide the demons and there was a time when his father Bhrigu was away from hermitage (ashram) and the Devas attacked the Asuras and his mother Kayathi made the asuras disappear to protect them from the Devas and this irritated Lord Vishnu and he had cut off his mother’s head with his discus and when his father learned the incident, cursed Vishnu to be born on earth as a human mortal and suffer in life, then, father Bhrigu brought back his mother to life through his divine powers, so, saying, Shukracharya, reinforced in the demons minds that their only goal should be war against the Devas, now that he has learned the art of resurrection of the dead, the demons need not fear.
The demons attacked the Devas with more vigour and everytime the Devas killed the Asuras, Shukracharya brought them back to life with the power of Mrita Sanjivini Mantra. Thus, when the demons arose from the dead, they became even more powerful and fought a terrible war, which made the Devas weak and run away from the battle.

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Lord Shiva saw that Shukracharya was misusing the power of Mrita Sanjivini and in anger swallowed Shukracharya, but, Shukracharya slipped out of the Lord’s Semen into divine mother Parvathi’s womb and emerged out. This pleased Lord Shiva and Parvathi and they blessed Shukracharya to be radiant in all glory forever and installed Shukracharya in a significant planetary position.
Shukracharya’s guidance to the demons continued, there was a time, when King Bali of the demons, promised to give 3 steps as alms to a small boy who had asked for it, when Shukracharya realized that this small boy Vamana was none other Lord Vishnu himself, and so, warned the demon king Bali against granting the steps, but, bali wanted to keep his promise, so he began his granting of the 3 steps, when Shukracharya came in the middle and Vamana pierced one eye of Shukracharya, ever since, Shukracharya became one-eyed.
Brihaspathi (Guru) realized from his divine powers that Shukracharya is using the power of resurrecting the dead, with the Mrita Sanjivini Mantra. Guru also realized that this mantra when once instructed (upadesh) to a shishya (disciple), the teacher would lose his power of using this mantra and so asked his son Kacchan to approach Shukracharya and become his disciple and learn the secret of this mantra.

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Kacchan went to Shukracharya and told him, that he is Brihaspathi’s son and requested Shukracharya to accept him as his disciple. Shukracharya knew that Guru is upto something, being a DevaGuru what is it that Shukracharya can teach Kacchan that DevaGuru cannot teach, this question came to his mind, and then Shukracharya realized that it could be trying to nullify the power of Mrita Sanjivini and hence was prepared not to upadesh this mantra at any time to kacchan and however according to Veda Shastra Dharma accepted him as his disciple and the learning began.
In due course of time, Shukracharya’s daughter Devyani, fell in love with Kacchan and day by day her feelings for Kacchan increased. The Asuras (demons) learned that kacchan is here and could be harmful to the demon clan and decided to vanquish him using their demonic powers. They succeeded in killing Kacchan. Devyani kept looking for Kacchan, as he did not turn up, and got concerned and asked her father to look for him. Shukracharya realized through his divine powers that the demons were the ones responsible for Kacchan’s death and so he used the Mrita Sanjivini mantra to bring Kacchan back to life.

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The demons continued their target against Kacchan, even after several warnings by their Guru Shukracharya, not to harm his student (disciple). Every now and then the killing happened and Shukracharya resurrected Kacchan back to life. The demons became restless, eventhough their guru is their to guide them, they felt that a student from their enemy camp would definitely bring misfortune to their clan, and so were reluctant to heed to their guru’s advise and this time they killed Kacchan and burnt him to ashes and mixed those ashes in Shukracharya’s SomaRas (Divine intoxicated drink). Shukracharya drank the SomaRas and the pleading of his daughter Devyani about missing Kacchan, made him realize through his divine powers that Kacchan is now gone into his stomach as ashes.
Shukracharya uttered the mantra and Kacchan cut open Shukracharya’s stomach and appeared in life again and as the mantra was being told, Kacchan came to life and learned the mantra from Shukracharya. The power of using this mantra by Shukracharya is now being lost. Shukracharya realized this, but, has no choice, since, he felt that this was the only choice.
Kacchan, having accomplished his mission, as instructed by Deva Guru, now decided to go back to Devalok, when Devyani stopped him and confessed her love for him to which Kacchan did not want to reciprocate and said the truth about his mission. Devyani got angry and cursed that Kacchan will not be able to use this mantra and that it lose all it’s powers, the curse came true and Kacchan reciprocated the angry by cursing that Devyani would never be able to marry a Brahmin, and in time, it happened that Devyani got married to a Kshatriya king of the Lunar dynasty, named Yayati.

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Shukracharya contemplated in his mind how Brihaspathi had tried to foil his plans at different times and in anger cursed Brihaspathi that even the Devas will face a time when Brihaspathi would not be available to the Devas and would disappear.
In due course of time, Guru had to disappear due to pride and arrogance of Lord Indra when Indra tried to install Viprajith in place of Deva Guru, thus was caused by the curse of Shukracharya.
Shukracharya performed more penance and attained his divine essence as a planet of love.
The Story of VENUS God – Stories of Planets

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