The Story of Parshurama – Sixth Avatar of Lord Vishnu

In Short
Parashurama, warrior with the axe, from the Treta Yuga. He is son of Jamadagni and Renuka and received an axe after a penance to Shiva. He is the first Brahmin-Kshatriya in Hinduism, or warrior-saint, with duties between a Brahmin and a Kshatriya. King Kartavirya Arjuna and his army visited the father of Parashurama at his ashram, and the saint was able to feed them with the divine cow Kamadhenu. The king demanded the cow, but Jamadagni refused. Enraged, the king took it by force and destroyed the ashram. Parashurama then killed the king at his palace and destroyed his army. In revenge, the sons of Kartavirya killed Jamadagni. Parashurama took a vow to kill every Kshatriya on earth twenty-one times over, and filled five lakes with their blood. Ultimately, his grandfather, rishi Rucheeka, appeared before him and made him halt. He is a Chiranjivi (immortal), and believed to be alive today in penance at Mahendragiri.
In Detail
Lord Parshuram is considered as the ‘Avesha Avtar’ of Lord Vishnu. He was born at Renuka Tirth as the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. His father, Jamadagni, a great Saint Bhargva was a direct descendant of Lord Brahama Ji. Renuka the wife of jmadagni and mother of Lord Parshuram gave birth to four sons before Parashurama. They were Vasu, Vishwa Vasu , Brihudyanu and (one name more is out my out my mind), before birth to her last son Parshuram. Lord Parshuram was the fifth son.

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Before the birth of their fifth son, Rishi Jamadagni meditated with his wife Renuka at Tape Ka Tiba near Renuka lake for divine providence. Lord Shiva blessed both and at the request of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu assured them that he would be their 5th son. Renuka and Muni Jagdamgni named Rambhadra as their fifth and youngest son.
One day Renuka , who was known for her chastity and devotion to her husband asked by her husband Muni Jagmdagni to fetch water from nearby river. She was so chastity that she was able to fetch water from the river in a pot of unbaked clay, with the pot held together only by the strength of her devotion.
She went to fetch water but as she reached the river, she saw a groups of Gandharvas and many beautiful Apsaras from heaven. They were jointly taking bath in the river and came out the river and boarded the Chariot and passed away in the sky.
She thought for a while that how were they beautiful and smart, filled with desire for only a moment, the unbaked pot she held dissolved in the river. She became afraid to return to her husband, she waited at the river bank, uncertain of what to do next.

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Meanwhile, Muni Jamadagni noticed and knew every incident through his yogic powers,that there in the meditation that his wife had not returned. It enraged him too towards his wife Renuka.
The Rishi called his eldest son, handed him an axe and asked the boy to kill his mother. Horrified, the boy refused and so Jamadagni turned him to stone. He then asked each of his sons and as they refused, one by one, he turned them to stone. Finally only his youngest son, Parashurama was left. Ever obedient, the boy beheaded his mother with that axe.
Being so pleased Rishi Jamadagni, offered two boons to his fifth son Lord Parashurama. Lord Parshuram asked that his mother be brought back to life and his four brothers to be returned from stone to flesh. Impressed by the affection and devotion of his son, Jamadagni granted all his request. Thus, he was named as Parshu Ram due to his axe from the father.
Lord Parshurama grew up to be a powerful youth. Though he was a Brahmin by birth, he expressed lot of interest in weapons. After completing his tutelage under his father who was himself a powerful archer, Lord Parshuram went to the Gandhamadana mountains. Over there, he undertook severe penances to please Lord Shiva.

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Lord Shiva was pleased with this, and appeared before him and asked him for a boon. Parashurama expressed his desire to obtain celestial weapons from the God. Lord Shiva told him that he would grant the boon only when Parashurama proved himself to be a worthy soul.
So, After years of penances, Lord Shiva was pleased with Parashurama’s devotion and summoned him. Lord Shiva ordered to Parashurama to slay the Daityas and Danavas who were the enemies of the Devas, to which the latter agreed.
After vanquishing the Daityas and Danavas in battle, Parashurama proved himself worthy and acquired the celestial weapons from Lord Shiva.
Even,Once, on the challenge of Lord Shiva Shri Parashuram fought fierce battle with his Guru Lord shiva to test his skills in warfare. The spiritual master Lord Shiva and the disciple Shri Parashuram were locked in a fierce battle and it lasted for the next 21 days. In the battle, while ducking to avoid being hit by the Trident(Trishul) of Lord Shiva, Shri Parashuram vigorously attacked him with his Parashu. It struck Lord Shiva on the forehead creating a wound. Lord Shiva was very pleased to see the amazing warfare skills of his disciple. He passionately embraced Shri Parashuram. Lord Shiva preserved this wound as an ornament so that the reputation of his disciple remained imperishable and insurmountable. ‘Khanda-parshu'(wounded by Parashu) is one of the thousand names(for the salutation) of Lord Shiva.

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He had killed Kashtriyavir Arjun who had thousands of arms powers. He was boon by Lord Dattatreya that no one would be able to kill him except Lord Dattatraya. Lord Parshuram was Lord Vishnu Avesha avtar himself. (Lord Vishnu).
After killing of Kashtriyavirya Arjun, God Indra was very pleased to see Lord Parshuram and offered Lord Parshuram his Vijaya Dhanush. This Dhanush was offered to Indra by Lord shiva for fighting with demons. Later Lord Parshuram handed over this Vijay Dhanush to his disciple Karna in Dwapar yug. karna used this bow to fight on the 17th day of the Kurukshetra war. He became unconquerable with help of Vijaya presented to him by Lord Parashurama.
Shri Parashurama destroyed the miscreant Kashtirya 21 tiems from earth as he had seen 21 cut on his father body. Once Kahstriya vir Arjuna with his groups went to Jamdagni Rishi Ashram for some rest. Rishi welcomed the kind with his Yogic powers like a King. King Arjun was utmost surprised so watch such type welcome in a hut of a Rishi. He asked the secret behind. Muni Jamdagni told that it is because of his Yogic powers and Kaamdhenu Gau mata.

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Kashtyriya vir Arjuna ordered Muni to hand over this cow, which Muni had turned down his request. At this, the king enraged and attacked and finally destroyed the whole Ashram. Fight between tow continued and finally Lord Parshuram killed the Kahstriyavir Arjuna in the war with his axe.
After this, He went to Himalaya to penance. But Kashtryavir Arjuna army and some Kahstriya more in groups attacked Jamdagni Muni Ashram and killed Muni too in absence of Lord Parshuram. Renuka the mother of Parshuram cried and called Parshuram, who was in the meditation.
Lord Parshuram noticed every thing from Himalaya and appeared immediately to his Ashram. He saw 21 cuts of marks on the full body of his father Jamdagni. He took oath that he would finish all evil Khastriya 21 times. So, on, he continued to kill Kahstriya with his miracle and spirtual powers with his axes and bow. He finished all Kahstriya 21 times from earth.
Finally, he was stopped by a Muni. He appeared before Lord Sri Ram in Sita swayabar and finally Lord Sri Ram had ceased all spiritual and miracle Yogi powers from Parshuram. Lord Sri Ram took all the divine Vaishnav Lord Vishnu Dhanush also from Parshuram and ordered him to go to Mahindera Parvat for Tapasya. Lord Vishnu had told Parshuram that he would himself come on earth in Treta Yug and take away your all powers, but Parshuram did not recognized Lord Vishnu in Lord Sri Ram form. Later, he taught Dhanush Vidhya to his disciple Bhishma and Karna in Dwapar Yug. He is presently residing in Yam Lok and Mahinder Parvat too in Kalyug as per the order of Lord sri Ram in Treta yug.

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The Story of Parshurama – Sixth Avatar of Lord Vishnu – Dashavatara Stories

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