The Story of JUPITER God

Om Deva naancha rishi naancha
gurum kaanchana sannibham
buddhi boodham trilokesham
tam namami brihaspathim

Brihaspathi’s Bija Mantra
The Bija mantra is most powerful and potent, ensure physical and mental cleanup and purity before chanting this mantra.
Om bhreem brihaspathayae namaha
About Brihaspathi:
Brihaspathi (Jupiter) signifies boldness, courage, wisdom and speech. Brihaspathi is known to dispel darkness, a teacher who teaches justice, righteousness to his disciples. Jupiter in it’s planetary form is more bigger than the earth and radiates energy in addition to the sun. Brihaspathi is considered to be the preceptor of the Assembly of Gods and is commonly known as Vachaspathi, meaning, Lord of speech.
The story of JUPITER god
Lord Brahma began creating the universe, as he created seven rishis (sages), he instructed them to aid him in his creation by engaging in procreation. The seven rishis are Vashishta, Marichi, Pulastya, Pulaha, Atri, Angiras and Kratu.
Jupiter (Brihaspathi) was born to Sage Angiras. Brihaspathi grew up learning all the four vedas and mastered them. He then performed severe penance to Lord Shiva on the banks of the prabhasa and the Lord granted him a significant planetary position and appointed him as the Divine Preceptor (Deva Guru). Thus, Brihaspathi, also came to be known as Guru and was concerned with the spiritual welfare of the Devas in the Heavens.
Guru, being the official priest and the Devas spiritual guide was concerned with the constant fights that ensued between the Devas and the Asuras (Demons). Eventhough the Devas, now having consumed the Divine Nectar, after the great churn of the ocean (Sagar Mahamanthan) are now immortal, the demons when losing their life in the war, their Guru, Shukracharya, used to bring the dead back to life and would resume fighting with the Devas, having arosen from the dead are now even stronger than before. This resulted in constant tiring out for the Devas, who went pleading to their Deva Guru for a permanent solution to stop the demons from harassing the heavens.
Guru realized from his divine powers that Shukracharya is using the power of resurrecting the dead, with the Mrita Sanjivini Mantra. Guru also realized that this mantra when once instructed (upadesh) to a shishya (disciple), the teacher would lose his power of using this mantra and so asked his son Kacchan to approach Shukracharya and become his disciple and learn the secret of this mantra.
Kacchan went to Shukracharya and told him, that he is Brihaspathi’s son and requested Shukracharya to accept him as his disciple. Shukracharya knew that Guru is upto something, being a DevaGuru what is it that Shukracharya can teach Kacchan that DevaGuru cannot teach, this question came to his mind, and then Shukracharya realized that it could be trying to nullify the power of Mrita Sanjivini and hence was prepared not to upadesh this mantra at any time to kacchan and however according to Veda Shastra Dharma accepted him as his disciple and the learning began.
In due course of time, Shukracharya’s daughter Devyani, fell in love with Kacchan and day by day her feelings for Kacchan increased. The Asuras (demons) learned that kacchan is here and could be harmful to the demon clan and decided to vanquish him using their demonic powers. They succeeded in killing Kacchan. Devyani kept looking for Kacchan, as he did not turn up, and got concerned and asked her father to look for him. Shukracharya realized through his divine powers that the demons were the ones responsible for Kacchan’s death and so he used the Mrita Sanjivini mantra to bring Kacchan back to life.
The demons continued their target against Kacchan, even after several warnings by their Guru Shukracharya, not to harm his student (disciple). Every now and then the killing happened and Shukracharya resurrected Kacchan back to life.
The demons became restless, eventhough their guru is their to guide them, they felt that a student from their enemy camp would definitely bring misfortune to their clan, and so were reluctant to heed to their guru’s advise and this time they killed Kacchan and burnt him to ashes and mixed those ashes in Shukracharya’s SomaRas (Divine intoxicated drink). Shukracharya drank the SomaRas and the pleading of his daughter Devyani about missing Kacchan, made him realize through his divine powers that Kacchan is now gone into his stomach as ashes.
Shukracharya uttered the mantra and Kacchan cut open Shukracharya’s stomach and appeared in life again and as the mantra was being told, Kacchan came to life and learned the mantra from Shukracharya. The power of using this mantra by Shukracharya is now being lost. Shukracharya realized this, but, has no choice, since, he felt that this was the only choice.
Kacchan, having accomplished his mission, as instructed by Deva Guru, now decided to go back to Devalok, when Devyani stopped him and confessed her love for him to which Kacchan did not want to reciprocate and said the truth about his mission. Devyani got angry and cursed that Kacchan will not be able to use this mantra and that it lose all it’s powers, the curse came true and Kacchan reciprocated the anger by cursing that Devyani would never be able to marry a Brahmin, and in time, it happened that Devyani got married to a Kshatriya king of the Lunar dynasty, named Yayati.
Brihaspathi, having completed his mission and felt assured that the threats from the demons would no more be a problem to the Devas, infact it was and this situation made Lord Indra very proud and he began neglecting his Deva Guru. Guru decided to teach Indra a lesson and hence disappeared. Indra began searching for Guru when there was a time when he needed consultation and so his search was in vain and then decided to install a new Deva Guru, he found ‘Viprajith’ to be suitable for this post.
Thus, Viprajith became the new Deva Guru and in course of time, fell for the lures of the demons and began providing better guidance to the demons and showed less interest in the Devas. This angered Indra and he struck Viprajith with his thunderbolt (Vajrayudha). Viprajith lay dead and Indra is now consumed with the sin of killing a Brahmin, known in the sanskrit texts as Brahma-Hatthi-Paapa, meaning the sin of killing Brahma.
Viprajith’s father learned about his son’s death and in anger performed a Yagna and out emerged a powerful demon named Vruthirasura. Vruthirasura was created with lots of powers and his only goal was to vanquish Indra. Vruthirasura came to Indra’s court to kill him, Indra escaped from there and surrendered to Lord Brahma to protect him who said that his negligence and arrogance is now leading to his own troubles. He advised Indra to approach Deva Guru (Brihaspathi) and ask for his forgiveness and a solution, Indra sincerely prayed to Deva Guru asking him to appear before him, and Deva Guru pardoned Indra and told him that in order to destroy Vruthirasura, Indra should find a Rishi (Sage) who would be willing to sacrifice his life for the cause of the welfare of the Devas, and then use the backbone of that Rishi as a weapon, as this is the only thing that can destroy that powerful asura (demon).
Indra went to Brahma and asked whom he can approach for this cause, and Brahma suggested to go to Sage Daseega. Indra fell at Sage Daseega’s feet asking him to protect the Devas, and Daseega agreed to sacrifice his life for a good cause. Daseega’s soul (Jeevatma) became one in unison with Lord Vishnu (Paramatma). Indra carried Sage Daseega’s backbone as a weapon and fought a war against the fire demon Vruthirasura and killed him. He then appeased Deva Guru and brought him back with all respects to his kingdom and left for penance under water clinging to a lotus stem and meditated upon Lord Shiva to remove the sin of Brahma-Hatthi-Paapa. Indra got freed from the sin and then ascended Devalok and with the guidance of the divine preceptor, his Deva Guru, Brihaspathi continued to rule the heavens.
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