Solar Deities

Solar Deities story is from Indian Mythology.
Ravana once went to challenge Surya, the Sun-God, to a fight. When he reached the Solar Region he saw that the sun was about to rise and sent an envoy to inform Surya of his arrival and the reason for his coming.
“Tell him,” he instructed his envoy, “that he should either stay and fight or accept defeat.”
Surya had begun his ascent into the sky when the envoy reached the gates of his palace.
One of the gatekeepers, Dandi, shouted out Ravana’s message to his master.
Surya shrugged and continued rising.
“Tell Ravana,” he said, “that I’ve no time to spare.”
Ravana went away shouting that he had defeated the Sun.
Solar Deities – Indian Mythology Stories

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