Sleeping Through The Storm

A young man applied for a job as a farmhand. When the farmer asked
for his qualifications, he said, “I can sleep when the wind blows.” This
puzzled the farmer. But he liked the young man, and hired him.
A few days later, the farmer and his wife were awakened in the night
by a violent storm. They quickly began to check things out to see if all
was secure. They found that the shutters of the farmhouse had been
securely fastened. A good supply of logs had been set next to the
The young man slept soundly.
The farmer and his wife then inspected their property. They found that
the farm tools had been placed in the storage shed, safe from the
The tractor had been moved into the garage. The barn was properly
locked. Even the animals were calm. All was well.
The farmer then understood the meaning of the young man’s words,
“I can sleep when the wind blows.”
Because the farmhand did his work loyally and faithfully when the
skies were clear, he was prepared for the storm when it broke. So
when the wind blew, he was not afraid. He could sleep in peace.
Moral: Prepare for the storm. Do not wait use your free time to be prepared for future.

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