Sita’s Search Begins


Hanuman, Angad and Jambvant with other monkeys started their search in the southern direction. While traveling, they reached a cave in a mountain in search of water. There they met a Yogini with celestial powers, who was deep in meditation. They told her about their search for Sita. With her divine powers, she first assuaged their hunger and thirst and then transported them in a moment to the edge of the sea. Her name was Swayamprabha. They were amazed by this miracle. At the seashore they met Jatayu’s brother Sampati who was saddened to hear about his brother’s death. Sampati told them thatRavana has carried Sita away to Lanka.

Because of the help that he gave to the messengers of Rama, Sampati found his burnt feathers regenerated and his wings restored and he was able to fly off.

The monkeys were now perplexed how they would go across the ocean to Lanka. They could not jump the distance of 100 yojanas (1 Yojana=8-10 miles). However Jambvant reminded Hanuman of his strength, a fact that he forgot due to the curse of a Rishi. When he was reminded by someone, Hanuman could use his power and so he assumed an enormous form, climbs on top of a hill and leaped in the air to fly to Lanka.

On the way he encountered Sursa, the mother of snakes,who wanted to eat him up. As soon as she opened her mouth, Hanuman became larger. This went on and on till she could not open her mouth any wider. Hanuman then took on a very tiny form and quickly entered her mouth and came out again.

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Sursa was just testing Hanuman’s strength and ability and she blessed him and wished that he would succeed in his mission.

After that a demoness called Simhika came his way. She used to catch hold of the shadow of the birds flying in the air and thus immobilized kill them. She caught Hanuman’s shadow too and he could not move ahead. But he boxed her and felled her to proceed to Lanka. Once he reached the shores of Lanka he began his search for Sita.

Sita’s Search Begins, Ramayana – The Epic Story

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