Silly Little Mariam

There lived a little girl Mariam who was very silly and lazy. Often she used to wander hither and thither with no purpose.
Once, as she went wandering she felt very thirsty. She went to a pond nearby and quenched her thirst.
She felt very tired and drowsy. She slept right there on the banks of the pond.
When she woke up it was night already. She peeped into the pond but could not see her reflection.
She got a big doubt, “Am I really here or not? Well! Let me ask at my home”.
She went home and found the door closed. She called out “Is Mariam in there?” A sleepy voice replied, “Oh! She must be in bed”.
Mariam thought, “If Mariam is at home, I am not Mariam”. Saying this, she went away.
Moral: Shadows are not realities.
Silly Little Mariam – Kids Stories

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