Sharbhang Rishi had conquered all worlds from Bramhahalok (world of the Gods) to Swargalok (heaven), by the power of his yogic abilities. Sita, Rama and Lakshman reached his ashram by following the path shown by Viragh.
When they were approaching the ashram, at that time Indra (king of the celestial beings and heaven) had come to the ashram in his aerial vehicle to take Sharbhang to Brahmalok. But he refused the offer as he knew that Shri Rama was on his way to meet him. Waiting for the moment that Rama, Sita and Lakshman would meet him, Sharbhang Rishi forced life to remain in his body. It was to fulfill his wish that Rama visited him.
When they arrived, he greeted and welcomed them and said it has been worthwhile for me to retain my earthly body for the pleasure of beholding him. “O Lord, keep your eyes on me till I manage, with my yogic power, to annihilate my entire body.”, he said. Shri Rama said, “That is why I am here, to fulfill your desire. Do tell me where we can stay in the forest?”
Sharbhang said, that a little distance away is the ashram of Muni Sootikshna. “Please make your way there, he will be able to guide you in your quest.” And then, as they watched, Sharbhang consumed his mortal body with the fire of his yogic energy and ascended to roam in the divine regions.
Sharbhanga – Ramayana Characters

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