The Secret of True Happiness

Once upon a time there was a King who was very generous towards his citizens but somehow remained unhappy and sad. Various ministers of his cabinet kept on thinking of different ways of rescuing him from the depression, but none succeeded. One day one wise person advised, ” Bring the apparel of the happiest person of this kingdom and make the King wear it. This shall ward off the King’s obscurity and sadness.”
People ran in different directions to search for the happiest man. Everyone tried hard to find such a person even in anticipation of winning a handsome reward.
After days of hunting, one of the ministers came across a saint who was totally engrossed in meditation & public benevolence. He seemed unaware of the futile happenings around him. He looked very happy, content and fully devoted towards his objective. The saint always wore an infectious smile on his face which attracted the minister’s attention. The minister implored him to go along with him as the King was in dire need of meeting him. The saint reluctantly agreed to meet the King.

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Once in the court, the King welcomed and embraced him. After exchanging a few pleasantries he offered him baskets full of gems and jewelery. The Saint got intrigued and inquired, ” Son! I am a Saint. Hence all these valuables hold no significance for me. Kindly tell me the purpose of our meeting.”
The King hesitantly explained his condition and begged for his dress. The saint mysteriously grinned and announced, ” I am just a disciple of ideals I have set for my life. I only possess bare necessities for my survival and I lead a life, like that of flowing stream. One day here, the other day there, ever roaming. Therefore, I’m sorry, I don’t have any shirts to spare.” The King got enlightened and understood that contentment and gaiety do not lie in materialistic possessions.
The primary reason for a person’s dejection and sufferings is his own desires and fantasies. The moment we free ourselves from their shackles we experience satisfaction, salvation and happiness all around.
The Secret of True Happiness – Philosophical Stories

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