Right Direction

Right Direction ImageThe captain of the boat lost his way in the middle of a storm. While trying to control the ship and maneuver to avoid sinking, he started feeling anguish and frustration.
The waves became bigger; the noise of the water hitting the boat, like a feather carried by the wind, almost led him to despair.
But he did not give up and tried harder every time the waves hit the boat. In his desperate attempts to stay strong and keep the boat steady, he was unable to hear one of his crew officers yelling at him.
“Captain, Captain!” kept yelling the officer, while holding on to one of the deck’s bars to avoid falling off the boat.
“Captain, Captain!” insisted the officer.
This time, while trying to approach him, a huge wave almost made the boat tip over and the officer fell and rolled on the deck till he luckily found another rail to hold on to.
After several attempts, the officer finally was able to reach his fighting, drenched, and tired captain who had started to yell out his frustrations and thoughts to the raging waves.
“If I am good hard working man, why does this happen to me?!.. and I can’t get out of this one?! I have been sailing the open ocean for years to fish the best catch and get support for my family!! Why, why, why?”
At that moment his crew officer was able to grab the captain’s shoulder and make him turn so that the captain could hear him.
“Captain, Captain! yelled again the officer.
The captain looked at him furiously for distracting him from his difficult task.
“What do you need officer?! Don’t you see I am trying to control the ship and find our way back?!” complained the captain.
His officer kept holding onto the captain and pointed in the opposite direction, towards the stern.
“Captain!” he replied. “The lighthouse is right over there, on the other side. We are going in the wrong direction!!!”
In which direction will you decide to go during a storm in the life. Will you feel despair and panic or pray and wait for it to pass over and then decide? Will you turn to someone to seek for the direction? Or will you straightaway start adjusting your sails without knowing which direction to move in by relying on your efforts, courage and never give up attitude? It is the direction first and not the magnitude of other factors or attributes which should be taken into consideration when you are passing through a storm that throws uncertainty all around and brings your life into a state of disarray . – Isn’t it?
It is direction first that is more important than courage, efforts and speed in every phase of life.
Right Direction – Management Story

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abdul quddus

abdul quddus

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