Psalm 9:1 First Part [With My Whole Heart I’ll Raise My Song] by Isaac Watts

Wrath and mercy from the judgment-seat.

With my whole heart I’ll raise my song,
Thy wonders I’ll proclaim;
Thou sov’reign judge of right and wrong
Wilt put my foes to shame.

I’ll sing thy majesty and grace;
My God prepares his throne
To judge the world in righteousness
And make his vengeance known.

Then shall the Lord a refuge prove
For all the poor opprest,
To save the people of his love,
And give the weary rest.

The men, that know thy name will trust
In thy abundant grace;
For thou hast ne’er forsook the just,
Who humbly seek thy face.

Sing praises to the righteous Lord,
Who dwells on Zion’s hill,
Who executes his threatening word,
And doth his grace fulfil.

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