Psalm 89:5. 4th Part [Hear What The Lord In Vision Said] by Isaac Watts

Psalm 89:5. 19 etc. Fourth Part
Christ’s mediatorial kingdom; or,
His divine and human nature.

Hear what the Lord in vision said,
And made his mercy known:
“Sinners, behold your help is laid
“On my almighty Son.

“Behold the man my wisdom chose
“Among your mortal race;
“His head my holy oil o’erflows,
“The Spirit of my grace.

“High shall he reign on David’s throne,
“My people’s better King;
“My arm shall beat his rivals down,
“And still new subjects bring.

“My truth shall guard him in his way,
“With mercy by his side,
“While, in my name thro’ earth and sea
“He shall in triumph ride.

“Me for his Father and his God
“He shall for ever own,
“Call me his rock, his high abode;
“And I’ll support my Son.

“My first-born Son array’d in grace
“At my right-hand shall sit;
“Beneath him angels know their place,
“And monarchs at his feet.

“My covenant stands for ever fast,
“My promises are strong;
“Firm as the heavens his throne shall last,
“His seed endure as long.”

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