Psalm 8:3 Paraphrased [Almighty Ruler Of The Skies] by Isaac Watts

First Part. L. M.
The Hosanna of the children;
or, Infants praising God.

Almighty Ruler of the skies,
Thro’ the wide earth thy name is spread,
And thine eternal glories rise
O’er all the heavens thy hands have made.

To thee the voices of the young
A monument of honour raise;
And babes, with uninstructed tongue,
Declare the wonders of thy praise.

Thy power assists their tender age
To bring proud rebels to the ground,
To still the bold blasphemer’s rage,
And all their policies confound.

Children amidst thy temple throng
To see their great Redeemer’s face;
The Son of David is their song,
And young hosannas fill the place.

The frowning scribes and angry priests
In vain their impious cavils bring;
Revenge sits silent in their breasts,
While Jewish babes proclaim their king.

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