Psalm 71:2. 2d [Part My Saviour, My Almighty Friend] by Isaac Watts

Psalm 71:2. 15 14 16 23 22 24. 2d Part
Christ our strength and righteousness.

My Saviour, my almighty Friend,
When I begin thy praise,
Where will the growing numbers end,
The numbers of thy grace?

Thou art my everlasting trust,
Thy goodness I adore;
And since I knew thy graces first
I speak thy glories more.

My feet shall travel all the length
Of the celestial road,
And march with courage in thy strength
To see my Father God.

When I am fill’d with sore distress
For some surprising sin,
I’ll plead thy perfect righteousness,
And mention none but thine.

How will my lips rejoice to tell
The victories of my King!
My soul redeem’d from sin and hell
Shall thy salvation sing.

[My tongue shall all the day proclaim
My Saviour and my God;
His death has brought my foes to shame,
And drown’d them in his blood.

Awake, awake my tuneful powers;
With this delightful song
I’ll entertain the darkest hours,
Nor think the season long.]

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