Psalm 33:1 First Part [Rejoice, Ye Righteous, In The Lord] by Isaac Watts

Psalm 33:1. First Part. C. M.
Works of creation and providence.

Rejoice, ye righteous, in the Lord,
This work belongs to you:
Sing of his name, his ways, his word,
How holy, just, and true!

His mercy and his righteousness
Let heaven and earth proclaim;
His works of nature and of grace
Reveal his wondrous name.

His wisdom and almighty word
The heavenly arches spread;
And by the Spirit of the Lord
Their shining hosts were made.

He bid the liquid waters flow
To their appointed deep;
The flowing seas their limits know,
And their own station keep.

Ye tenants of the spacious earth,
With fear before him stand;
He spake, and nature took its birth,
And rests on his command.

He scorns the angry nations’ rage,
And breaks their vain designs;
His counsel stands thro’ every age,
And in full glory shines.

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