Psalm 15:1 C. M. [Who Shall Inhabit In Thy Hill] by Isaac Watts

Characters of a saint; or, a citizen of Zion;
or, The qualifications of a Christian.

Who shall inhabit in thy hill,
O God of holiness?
Whom will the Lord admit to dwell
So near his throne of grace?

The man that walks in pious ways,
And works with righteous hands;
That trusts his Maker’s promises,
And follows his commands.

He speaks the meaning of his heart,
Nor slanders with his tongue;
Will scarce believe an ill report,
Nor do his neighbour wrong.

The wealthy sinner he contemns,
Loves all that fear the Lord:
And tho’ to his own hurt he swears,
Still he performs his word.

His hands disdain a golden bribe,
And never gripe the poor;
This man shall dwell with God on earth,
And find his heaven secure.

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