Psalm 135:2 Second Part [His Power The Same, The Same His Grace] by Isaac Watts

The works of creation, providence, redemption
of Israel, and destruction of enemies.

Great is the Lord, exalted high
Above all powers and every throne;
Whate’er he please in earth or sea,
Or heaven, or hell, his hand hath done.

At his command the vapours rise,
The lightnings flash, the thunders roar;
He pours the rain, he brings the wind,
And tempest from his airy store.

‘Twas he those dreadful tokens sent,
O Egypt thro’ thy stubborn land;
When all thy first-born beasts and men
Fell dead by his avenging hand.

What mighty nations, mighty kings,
He slew, and their whole country gave
To Israel, whom his hand redeem’d,
Psalm 135:2. 5-12. Second Part. L. M.
No more to be proud Pharaoh’s slave!

His power the same, the same his grace,
That saves us from the hosts of hell;
And heaven he gives us to possess,
Whence those apostate angels fell.

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