Psalm 103:5 Third Part [The Lord, The Sovereign King] by Isaac Watts

Psalm 103:5. 19-22. Third Part. S. M.
God’s universal dominion;
or, Angels praise the Lord.

The lord, the sovereign King,
Hath fix’d his throne on high;
O’er all the heavenly world he rules,
And all beneath the sky.

Ye angels great in might,
And swift to do his will,
Bless ye the Lord, whose voice ye hear,
Whose pleasure ye fulfil.

Let the bright hosts who wait
The orders of their King,
And guard his churches when they pray,
Join in the praise they sing.

While all his wondrous works,
Thro’ his vast kingdoms shew
Their Maker’s glory, thou, my soul,
Shalt sing his graces too.

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