Picking Up Money

Once upon a time, there was a poor man who picked up a sack of money in the streets. He was overwhelmed with happiness. Then he began to count the money. Suddenly, the real owner of the money showed up. He had to give back the whole sack. He regretted for not having gone off to a far away place sooner. He felt great pain for his loss. This is also held to be true with people who come into contact with Buddhism.

Although people have the opportunity to meet the Three Precious One’s Blessings, if they are not going earnestly good work’s in time, they will fall into the Three Evil Paths of Transmigration after their deaths. His is just like that stupid man who gave back the money that he had found. As the Stanza has it: People, who are managing this business today, will plan another tomorrow.

Only thinking of enjoyment without contemplation sorrow.

Can make a man unaware of the impermanence of death.

However, busily occupied in their worldly affairs.

The common people always retard to get deliverance like that man counting the money.

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