Part III – Nasrudin The Wise Fool & Hasan the Mystic – Story #37

Spiritual Enlightenment Stories
It seems that the Master of Mirth and Chief of the Dervishes, Nasrudin, was once called to pontificate on the ‘Nature of Allah’ in the local mosque. Present were the many Imams and Doctors of the Islamic Law. Out of courtesy and because Nasrudin could not be counted on saying anything worthwhile, these illustrious guests explained and inspired the audience with their eloquence and wisdom.
Finally it was Nasrudin’s turn to explain ‘the Nature of Allah’.
“Allah …”, started Nasrudin impressively “is …” Nasrudin removed and held up an ovoid mauve vegetable from the folds of his turban, ” … an aubergine.”
There was uproar at this blasphemy. When order was finally established, Nasrudin was reluctantly asked to explain his words.
“I conclude that everyone has spoken of what they do not know or have not seen. We can all see this aubergine. Is there anyone who can deny that Allah is manifest in all things?”
Nobody could. “Very well,” said Nasrudin, “Allah is an aubergine.”

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